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Farberman branch nuptial


On August 26, 1956, Rhoda Faberman married Larry Isaacson in Queens, New York. 

Rhoda is a granddaughter of Ida Uberstine Farberman and Harris Farberman.  She is the only daughter of Betty Friedman Faberman and Sam Faberman, the oldest of the Farberman's 3 sons.

Rhoda and Larry are the parents of two children. Dr. Sandi Isaacson is a forensic child psychologist, who makes her home in the Orthodox community of Overland Park, Kansas. Douglas Isaacson, a Vien Hasid, is a union organizer in Brooklyn. 

Below, Chanukah 1999  Each of the four Isaacson sons lights his own menorah. The Isaacson males are Levis, but not through their great-grandfather, Harris Farberman, who was a Levi. The distinction does not pass through the female line.  They are Levis because their father, Larry Isaacson, is a Levi. 

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