Who came from where?


Gorodok    54'09"  26'55"

16.2 mi. ENE of Volozhin
12.8 mi. W of Radoshkovici

35 mi. WNW of Minsk
150 mi. SE of Vilnius

Usher Uberstine; Ethel, Louis, Hirschel, Hyman, and Israel Rubenstein; Morris, Esther Minnie, Henry, Jack, and Dora Rubenstein; and Shirley and Artie Karben.  Lazar Uberstine; Udasha, Toby, Cherla, Ida, Harris, and Mayer Uberstine; and Israel Rubenstein; children of Toby Uberstine and Aaron Kahanovich: Lena, Barnet, Channa, Minnie, Meyer, Mollie and Eli Cohen; Rafael Millerkowski, husband of Lena Cohen.
2 Ekatarinoslav    48'27"  34'59"
524.9 mi. SE of Gorodok
494.1 mi. SE of Minsk
242.8 mi. ESE of Kiev  
Harry Varonok, husband of Ethel Rubenstein
3 Brest-Litovsk - they met through a matchmaker in NYC. Esther Simon, wife of Morris Rubenstein
4 Krasnoye    54'14" 27'05"
8.4 mi. NW of Radoshkovici   
Carl Karbenovich, husband of Dora Rubenstein
5 Radoshkovici    54'09"  27'14"
12.8 mi. E of Gorodok
28.7 mi. E of Volozhin
Phil Karben, son of Carl and Dora
6 Tarnow - they met in NYC.   Max Sollender, husband of Rose Varonok
7 Volozhin    54'05" 26'32"

16.2 mi. WSW of Gorodok
28.7 mi. W of Radoshkovici

43.8 mi. WNW of Minsk
64.1 mi. SE of Vilnius

Harris Farberman, husband of Ida Uberstine; Etta Meltzer, wife of Harris Uberstine; Moishe Gelman, husband of Udasha Uberstine, and their children: Rashka, Ike, and Lou Gelman, husband of Minnie Cohen; Ida Mary Gelman, daughter of Ike; Shimsel Kirshner, husband of Rashka Gelman, and their children, Esther, Faye, and Al Kirshner; and Nathan Kirschner-Glockner, husband of Cherla Uberstine, and their children, Dora and Aleck Glockner. 
8 Vishnevo    54'08" 26'14"
12.6 mi. WNW Volozhin
Sophie Ruchel Davidson, wife of Ike Gelman
9 Grodno    53'41"  23'50"
129.4 mi. WSW Gorodok
Aaron Kahanovich, husband of Toby Uberstine
10 Zasliai    54'52" 24'36"
94.6 mi. NW of Volozhin
Draishka Brenner, wife of Mayer Uberstine

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