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Morris and Esther in 1906

Their great grandson Stuart with his Bride-to-be Debra
The Matchmaker and a Rival

Esther Simon and Morris Rubenstein, our paternal grandparents, met through a matchmaker.  Morris had arrived in this country in 1901, and by 1906, he found himself engaged to Esther.  But handsome as he was, he didn't have a clear field.  When he learned about his rival, he took action.  Knowing that Esther  wanted to have "tall sons," he realized his advantage in being much taller than his adversary.  The story goes that he won her hand by persuading her that, if she were to wed her shorter suitor, the children they would have would certainly be "shrimps."  Esther and Morris went on to have four sons, and all of them were tall. 

Names and a Tradition  Some Uberstines in our family became Rubensteins, and some Rubensteins became Rogers.  A Varonok became a Varon, Farbermans became Fabermans, Millerkowski became Miller, and Kahanovich became Cohen, Caine, and even Kane.  After a kibbutz experience in the 1960's, a Rogers became BenDor, Hebrew for "among the new generation."  When Wendy and Cary realized the new practice of hyphenating last names would make theirs sound like a law firm -- "Schwer-Stern" -- they went searching and found Valentine.  "It expresses love and is perfect for us," Cary says. Stuart and Debra (above) took his middle name, Allen, for their new surname, leaving behind "Sandman." Curiously, Stuart says, "It wasn't until I became an adult that people would come up to me and burst into song: "Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream..."

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