May 2000  




Gelman cousin Sheldon Kay, far right, SK-4-color-light-sharp-leve.jpg (9342 bytes)
our own Hubble telescope engineer,
celebrated Hubble's 10th year in space
launch-color-225w-11k.jpg (10697 bytes)
at National Aerospace Museum gala. 

   Uberstines of the Bronx
DCaine40-175w-284.jpg (14302 bytes)
1940, David Caine, left, with cousin Morris Levine, in front of David's house, where his father, Meyer, sits on porch, reading newspaper. 

KiaWithTeddy130w170h-5k.jpg (5082 bytes)
Kia Goldie Lee Malkin of
       the Ohio Uberstines     

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Celebrations Calendar