The Stern Boys: Alan, Jason, and Michael  

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Alan (above) was hoping for a baby brother, and glad when Michael arrived.  

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Alan can tell sometimes when Michael wants his pacifier.      

Photos by Stuart Stern 

Alan and Jason posed with their baby brother, Michael, for their first portraits together soon after Jason's third birthday party.

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Alan had been hoping for a baby brother "because I like to play with boys," he said.  These days Alan enjoys playing softball with his father, and Alan considers hitting his specialty.

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As Jason holds Michael, you can see the dinosaur tatoo still on his right hand, Jason's birthday party momento.    

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In his second grade class, arithmetic is his favorite subject. "We're learning to regroup in addition," he said, referring to what used to be called "carrying."

Alan is good at socializing with senior family members, and he was a hit at his cousin Aaron's third birthday party.  Alan shared his Gameboy toy with his great grandfather David, who celebrated his 90th birthday on March 24. "I showed Grandpa Dave how it works," Alan said. 

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