Rachel Allen has a baby
brother, Bradley

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Let's find out what's up with Rachel. 

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Back when she was two, Rachel got a taste for green pitted olives.  It happened on the family's vacation in Spain. "That became her favorite snack," said Debbie.

When it was story time  -- 30 to 45 minutes a day -- Rachel  would request The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dr. Seuss' ABC Book,  and Green Eggs and Ham.

Before she was even 2.5 years old, Rachel had a new little brother, Bradley. "She knew I was  pregnant and would pat my tummy," Debbie said. 



Rachel Allen's portrait, 1999

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Born June 17, 1998.  "She crawls all over the house  and makes babbling sounds," said Rachel's mother, Debra Allen. 

"At meals, she makes noises whenever we take a mouthful, because she wants to eat what we eat.  And then she laughs, to let us know that she knows that we know she's playing with us."   

Rachel, the daughter of Stuart and Debra Allen, is the  granddaughter of Ruth Rubenstein Sandman and David Sandman; the great granddaughter of Bea and Sidney Rubenstein, and the great great granddaughter of Esther Simon and Morris Rubenstein.  She is a great great great granddaughter of Hirschel and Rivka Uberstein, and a great great great great -- also written 4G -- granddaughter of Usher Uberstein.       

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