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"Jason used to say nothing, and now I get running commentary," said his mother.

Jason Gordon

Jason turned 4 years old on March 7, and is clear  about his likes and dislikes. 

  • He prefers butter to catsup on his tofu dogs (that would be a hot dog with tofu instead of frankfurter);
  • He likes making playdates for himself;
  • He did not like his last dentist.  "That man is dangerous," he told his parents and persuaded them to find him a new one;
  • Jason is a good student.  "He studied Passover in school, and there was a mock seder," said Alison Karben Gordon, his mother.  He learned to say the prayer over the candles and the prayer over the matzoh.
  • His favorite playthings are his trains;
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Above, Jason gets fitted for his karate pajamas worn during class and practice.  Note scissors on the floor; the instructor appears to be adjusting his belt.
  • Jason likes sports; He takes a class that rotates its focus: from basketball to soccer to softball, etc.;
    Then there's gymnastics, swimming, and on Friday, its Little Dragon Karate.  Jason is learning to block, karate-style.   

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