Morris Rubenstein's great-great-granddaughter accompanied her mother to law school graduation

Debbie Allen created a  balancing act while earning a law degree from Temple University at the same time she was holding down a job as a law firm clerk.  Now she is a Deputy Attorney General with the State of New Jersey. 

The day after Debbie took the bar, the family left for a vacation in Spain. Nine months later, Rachel  welcomed baby brother Bradley.

The family flourishes because Bradley's father, Stuart Allen, helps out a lot. 
"I relish every moment of fatherhood," says Stu, who is a business architect for Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company. 

 Stu marvels at his children's growth as individuals. "Bradley has been a bundle of joyous expression and aggressiveness from the jump," he says.

Meanwhile, Rachel has became "a perfect little lady, which we noticed in her 3-year-old birthday portrait," said Debbie.  En route, she developed some very sophisticated taste buds. "When there's a choice," said Stu, "Rachel always reaches for the spiciest." Since she was 18 months, she's loved green olives with pimentos.  It started in Spain.