Growing four sons: An introduction to
Morris' world, the farm, and Tanta Ethel's album

Our start ...

"First there were the four brothers, and now there are the cousins," my brother, Michael-David, said in September, 1996, when he and I were in California to visit our parents. This was how he introduced the subject of a family web page, which he intended for me to produce, since I had become custodian of the family photographs and slides. We agreed that a family web site is the ideal way to share these riches as well as family news.

No data accompany this studio shot of the dapper four brothers in three-piece suits. On the left in the back is Sidney, looking very much like Jason Alexander (the former George Costanza of Seinfeld), then Arthur with watch chain, Larry with more hair than I ever saw on him as an adult, and Sam, who was nine years younger than Sidney.

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Tradition of Family Associations Fostered by E-mail

E-mail is clearly the preferred means of communication of the next generation.  When I attempted a correspondence with my nephew,  he said, "I write tons of E-mail every week.   How about borrowing someone's E-mail account? Then our correspondence would be nearly instantaneous."

Cousins Plus E-mail list grows

It turns out that now many family members have computers in their homes, and several that didn't, have acquired them recently.   Others who did not are planning to do so, and some of those are doing so out of a desire to participate in Cousins Plus.  Each time there's a reason to contact everyone in Cousins Plus, it appears our E-mail list has lengthened.  It's now universally agreed that E-mail is a great way to dash off a quick note, and a conduit for sharing things we otherwise might not.

Sidney, Larry, and Arthur, clockwise from upper right, and on the stool, Sam. Photo was taken in 1920 or 1921.

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Photo of Sam alone was taken about
the same time as the foursome above.


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