The Stories Our Documents Tell

Rocky Road to Citizenship Morris Rubenstein had to apply for citizenship twice. The first time,  one of his witnesses proved "incompetent."

Morris may have arrived with his name intact, but during the application process, Morris became Marius, then Maurice, back to Morris, and finally, Mauris became a citizen.

Getting here was roundabout; Morris traveled by ship, boat and rail through Canada, arriving in New York City on  September 22, 1902. 
Abraham Simon went from laborer to peddler to "Juice." Morris' father-in-law arrived in 1886. 

Story includes census of 1900,
Abraham's passenger list, and
1910 New York City Directory.

95 Allen Street was owned by Morris' mother-in-law from 1921 to 1928.

Real estate documents show property
was put in Minnie Simon's name.  
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