Barnet Cohen

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This appears to have been
taken several years before
the 1905 group photograph.
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Above, a detail from the 1905 group photo.

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From the yeshiva to the license

Barnet was the oldest son and had finished his schooling at a yeshiva before coming to America. As the most educated of the children, Barnet led the way in business.   He took and passed the exam to become a licensed plumber. 

Roofing akin to plumbing

It was not such a leap from the roofing business, which had been his father's specialty in Grodno, the shtetl Aaron Kahonovich had once called home.  Many other males of the family made careers in America in the plumbing business, some in association with Barnet. 

A plumbing dynasty

A number of males of the Uberstine family still work in the plumbing business.  "Barnet led the way," said Eli Schwartz, grandson of Barnet's sister, Channa.  "He was the learned one, so he got the license."

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Barnet enjoys the sunshine in the
Catskills with daughter Mollie.

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Barnet was 'HaKohen';
He rests in Beth David


Barnet is buried next to his wife, the former Rose Wilofsky.  He died on February 13, 1958, at the age of 76, and she died on November 12, 1973, at the age of 84. 

Engraved hands and 'Son of Chaim Aaron HaKohen' 

Rose's stone says that she is the daughter of Menachem Mendel,   and Barnet's stone says that he is the son of Chaim Aaron Hakohen.  A menorah, which is traditional for a woman, is carved on Rose's stone, and a pair of hands, held in the position signifying a HaKohen, is carved on Barnet's stone. 

gate-Horodok Relief Association, Beth David

The Horodoker Relief Association gates

Rose and Barnet are numbers 11 and 12 on the right in row I, proceeding in alphabetical order from the front gates of the Horodoker Relief Association, which is in Section F, Block 7.  There are many gates on that "block" of Sinai Avenue between Grant and Jefferson Avenues in Beth David.  As of May, 1999, its "population" was 198,000. 

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