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Birthdays & Anniversaries 

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Table of Contents

July 2001

1,351 cousins

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Have we got yichus! Next issue

he's all the ancestor we've got...

Trees chapter

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Our 11 Levim &
10 Kohanim

Trying for a better life


No more fear on market days &
stacks of latkes to quiet the children

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The stories documents tell!
Morris's rocky road
to citizenship

Cemetery Summary
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10 of our family are here in Mt. Zion,
7 along this 1903 Gorodok path.
Lazar Elia Uberstine
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Doubleclick for a really good look.

Udasha's branch
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Before the Nazis, the Gelmans of Volozhin: Rashka's sister,
Leika, with her daughters.
Rafael of Toby's branch
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Son-in-law & organizer
Horodoker Relief Assoc.
Cherla's branch
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The Glockners of Albany
1918, Dora graduates
Ida's branch
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The Farbermans of Brooklyn:
pioneers in home appliances
Harris' branch
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Drugstore Max of the
Ohio Uberstines: 3-scoop cone for
7 cents, but free to grandchildren

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Mayer Uberstine of The Bronx:
'So strong he could hoist a  
wagon wheel over his head...'

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Isar Rubenstein
Barrelmaker of
Trenton, New Jersey

Faiva and Chippa Uberstein
of Gorodok and Capetown, SA

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Now also in Israel, Australia,
England and the USA

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