Album of Sydney, Australia's
Trevor Uberstein

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Louis Uberstein celebrated his 100th birthday in 1994 with 250 members of the family at a party given by his daughter, Josie, and her husband, Joe Grossman, at their Moshav in Israel.   Trevor Uberstein, who provided the family photos used here, was among the celebrants.  He had his video camera and took footage of Louis on the Grossman's exercycle.
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Winnie (Lavinia) Campbell Uberstein and
George Uberstein in 1976
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1978 - Ubersteins all:
Trevor, his grandfather George, his father, Harry
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1999: The 4 children of Joy Magnett Uberstein and
Harry Uberstein:
Trevor, Gaye, David and Fiona
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1993 - The Trevor Ubersteins:
Denise Storm Uberstein, Catherine,
Steven and Trevor Uberstein
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