Udasha's branch: the Gelmans   


Udasha Uberstine,
Moishe Gelman, and
a mystery daughter

Leika-200w-8k-toc.jpg (7852 bytes)Leika Gelman and
her daughters.

Volozhin, before
World War II


American siblingsGelman siblings
of America

Lou, far left,
of The
Ike of
and Rashka


Mississippi Gelmans

National Public Radio
clips here

Famous photo enlarged

sh-engad-6k.jpg (5995 bytes)The Bronx Gelmans

Shirley Gelman Hausman is the
daughter of Lou Gelman and
Minnie Cohen. Minnie was a
daughter of Lou's aunt,
Toby Uberstine,
a younger sister of Udasha.

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The Brooklyn Gelmans

Esther Kay, the oldest of the four children of Shimsel Kirshner and Rashka, got a hug from son, Sheldon Kay, in this photo of November,1944. 






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