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The Bar Mitzvah of
Shlomo Simcha Isaacson

Born on December 18, 1985, Shlomo celebrated his bar mitzvah in December of 1998.

Chaim Baruch, born June 13, 1987, stands behind younger brother, Shaya Mordechai, born February 5, 1992. 

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At his celebration, Shlomo gives his speech for the second time

No photographers are allowed in shul, so Shlomo kicks off his celebration with a reprise of his speech for the guests and the photographer. 

To Shlomo's right is the master of ceremonies for the occasion, who is a colleague of his father's and a hasid of a different persuasion, a Satmar, named for the shtetl in Hungary where it originated. 

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Shlomo ceremoniously blesses and cuts giant challah to start meal at Schick's Manor in Borough Park

Not only was the challah finished off by almost 200 guests, including 85 couples, but each place setting had an individual challah.

"Schick's Manor has an excellent reputation," said Douglas.  "It's known as the best in town." 

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Shlomo poses in his new hat for handshake portrait with father

The bar mitzvah boy begins to practice what he has learned about tefillen and putting on a hat one month prior to the bar mitzvah. 

That's when the Vien hasid receives his first black felt hat, which he wears over his yarmulke.   


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Ready for davening, Shlomo holds prayerbook and wears new tefillen

Shlomo davens as his father does, with the strap wrapped outwards.

The photographer, who has a studio over the site of the bar mitzvah, is experienced.  "He knew all the poses," said Douglas.  That explains why Shlomo looks so comfortable here, even with his jacket half off.

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Blima Chana Isaacson,
born June 23, 1989,
wore blue velvet



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Women and men dance simultaneously to the same music on either side of a partition

The women enter through a different door and eat in a separate area. 

Rhoda Isaacson beamed at her grandaughter, who was grinning at her mother across the circle as they all held hands and danced together. 

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The guests included 'at least twenty rabbis,' Douglas said. 

Some came from the Yeshiva, and all five of the rabbis from Douglas' shul attended.  Some of them spoke.

"You go to shul, and you meet them,"   said Douglas. 

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Photographer captures
the action as Shlomo and
father dance with the rabbis

Of course they danced the hora.


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Family portrait includes all but Shaya Mordechai (see first photo above). 
Gitty Isaacson, below,  holds a very comfortable Dovid Yitzchok Isaacson. 

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Click here for the story of how Douglas Isaacson found his way into the life of a Vien hasid. 

The tale begins with the experience of his only sibling, his older sister, Sandi.

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