We are CousinsPlus                     Usher Uberstine of Gorodok 

A preview of us Uberstines of Gorodok, Vileika District, Belarus

The descendants of Usher Uberstine, left, and his brother, Lazar Elia, have been the focus of this web page, lacking what we wish we had of their history.  Since 1997, new material has come to light. Lazar's children and some of their spouses were from the  Gorodok between Radoshkovici and Volozhin, in the Vileika District.  Many of their spouses were from Volozhin. Usher's children also appear to have been from there as well.  See our new table, Who came from where?

We have a new section with stills captured by digital photo from videotapes of that Gorodok. The original footage was clearly shot long ago with handheld cameras, so the stills cannot be improved beyond a certain point. We saw a sign in mirror image that turned out to say "UBERSZTEJN."  Click here for the first third of Shtetl Talk. 

A database on the Jewish genealogy web site shows 1912 marriages in Minsk. You can see that on March 6, 1912, Mordukh Ubershtein's daughter, Genia Ubershtein, age 21, married Iosel Tieb, age 24.  Mordukh and Genia Ubershtein were from Gorodok.  Not Ostroshitskiy Gorodok (prefix assumed in 1886), not Semkov-Gorodok, not David-Gorodok.  Ju
st Gorodok, and that's the one that's ours.  http://www.jewishgen.org/belarus/minsk_1912_marriages.htm

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