A joyous, celebratory
exploration that enhances
self esteem and the sense
of well being in older adults

  Legacy Workshops

Legacy Workshops celebrate the
standout positive events in each participant's life through the use of group sharing and assisted short writings. 

After the 16 workshop sessions, each participant has her tangible heirloom remembrance in the form of a notebook of her own anecdotes and photos. She also has her own chapter in the group's section on the Legacy Workshops web page. 

Both can be expanded later by the participant with her children, grandchildren or other family and friends. But first and foremost, her Legacy Workshop heirloom notebook is available for future enjoyment by the participant herself. 

The Legacy Workshops web page

The workshop: 16 workshop sessions in four subject areas over seven months, plus a recognition ceremony; available on site in any senior center in the New York City metropolitan area.

Demonstrations and trainings:
Half-day presentation with discussion; or
2-day hands-on participatory training:
Presentation and discussion followed by a demonstration workshop.

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Legacy Workshops

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