JCC in Manhattan


Jewish spiritual

content and practice

HELD1-4/JLOW3 Philosophy of Prayer with Rabbi Held
PAIR1-3/JLSW3 Jewish faith and modern life
TALMU1-8/JIVW3 Introduction to the Babylonian Talmud

Below, two current writing samples, both Jewish in content.*

This piece makes its point
in the first screenful.

   Cousin Bruce Rogers
walks the walk      

From 'Have we got yiches!'



How I became Orthodox:
Sandi's summer with Uncle Max

A party to remember: 
Sandi's wheelchair parade


'Let me see what this is all about!'
How her brother found Hasidism

From 'Ida's branch:
the Farbermans of Brooklyn'

Photo by Susan M. Rogers

*The first piece happens to mention
the JCC of Nashville, TN, and the second,
the JCC of Denver, CO, and also,
the JCC of Overland, Kansas City, KS